Are there pyramids in Bosnia? Surely a strong deviation from our current thinking, isn´t it? But before we look at what may really be Bosnian Pyramids, let´s have a look at Teotihuacan, Mexico, in 1858 before it was discovered and when it was still covered by soil:


This is what it looks like today:


Being interested in Archeology and Anthropology, when I heard the news about the Bosnian Pyramids, and later saw videos of Euronews (German), ABC and others on Youtube, the possibility of existing Bosnian Pyramids started to attract my interest. If true, it would re-write human history and change our perception of our civilization. This is what the view from the plane at one of the pyramids looks like:

Naturally, with a possibly mystical hypothesis like that, there´s always controversy. Sem Osmanagic, who does not produce a proper academic archeological curriculum but a more hands-on business-like approach, is the discoverer. He was recently inducted into the Russian Acadamy of National Sciences for his work, but he isn´t receiving much praise from the established expert/academic archeological society regarding his project. Be it National Geographic or his Wikipedia page, the dispute is raging after the project has experienced a rise in attention since 2006. Suddenly, there´s a lot of money involved. Just think of it - the Egyptian tourism industry is worth more than 10bn USD a year and I believe it´s a fair assumption to make that most of it comes from the Pyramids. What would happen to that cash flow if there were even larger and older Pyramids in Europe?

So I went there this September with my buddy Flo to see it for myself. Visoko is located north of Sarajevo, it´s a 20-minutes car ride from Sarajevo, here´s how to get there.

Sem took almost the whole day to show the sites to us, which I found very remarkable. First, we went to the tunnels under the Pyramid of the Sun. The tunnels start approx. 2 to 3 kilometers away from where the pyramid is located. It is actually a tunnel system, with several tunnels diverging off main tunnels, but they all seem to be leading to the pyramid of the sun. The tunnels are still being excavated and they´re about 2km left to discover. Sorry for the bad video quality.

Vasco_Sem_TunnelVasco_Sem_tunnel2Semir explaing the wall structuresemir and I in front of the largest uncovered stone in the tunnel so far

We then went to the Pyramid of the Sun, where large building blocks were uncovered:
Large blocks at the pyramid of the sunancient concreteThis is the structure, a composition of clay and stonesWalking up the 30 degree wall segments

Compare these to the clay at Teotihuacan - looks pretty similar to me:
Smaller pyramid at TeothiucanStone structures at TeothiuacanTeothuiacan pyramidTeothiuacan pyramid structures

Semir gives an explanation on the clay:

We then went to the Pyramid of the Moon where there are more excavation sites:
Small blocks at the Pyramid of the MoonMore pieces of the terrace of the pyramid of the moonExpanded view of the terrace of the pyramid of the moonSemir on the terrace of the pyramid of the moon

And to yet another site with concrete blocks. Nature doesn´t do that kind of stuff:
Below concrete block weighing several tonsNature doesn´t cut edges like thatAnother uncovered terrace right above itUncovered terrace from above

Well, what do we make of it? It´s my opinion that there´re definitely man-made structures there. Nature simply doesn´t make rectangular blocks. That´s my take from a non-expert, common-sense view. But now things become political. If this is true, it has a lot of implications - money flows will take different directions, established academics might be unseated. A very unsettling thought for many.

So see for yourself and demand answers. Sem claims that these Pyramids are older than 10.000 years. The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is said to be built around 2500BC. We have to start to understand that pyramids are not only in Egypt - they are a global phenomenon. When I look at these structures, I wonder what would be left of us, if there were to be a huge flood or natural catastrophy. What would happen to our knowledge, which is saved on those perishable hard disks or paper? Are our buildings going to last? I don´t think so. How would other civilizations use our knowledge, would they be able to find it at all? I feel we´re just another wave of a civilization which is building it´s crap on top of the pile of others while raping the planet. In some way, we´re like primates out of control.

Hopefully, this post was inspirational enough to make you think about this. So be curious.Get in touch with Semir. Talk to others about it. Share your thoughts. Join the volunteer camp in Visoko next summer. Donate. Spread the news, increase public pressure, demand to understand what this is. Care. Get moving. Thank you.