Soccer, to me, is a pretty primitve, mostly male activity; two teams/tribes/parties engage in some sort of fight within a given framework of rules, try to „penetrate the penalty area“ of the other team and try to „score“, which in fact resembles putting shame on the other team by putting the object of desire into a protected area (goal) and taking away their rank in the league (society). Please forgive my way of thinking, but in a male transcendent way, "scoring" simply does not lose it´s connotation of deflorishing a virgin (intruding in a somewhat protected area), doesn't it? Plus, the guy who does so is being given tremdendous visual respect by his team members (they all come to cheer and cherish him). Maybe this is why stadiums have better attendance than churces these days. But there's more.

Today, I played soccer for the first time since ... maybe 3 years? For a human being, this is a considerate amount of time, especially, if that human being is quite soccer crazy. Boy did this feel good. Physically speaking, I am pretty much in a state of a thirty-something-male-internet-entrepreneur degenerating behind a computer screen, so you can probably imagine the momentum I develop on a soccer pitch at this point in time. Nevertheless, there is an immaculate feeling in giving the most often desired shape of the universe (ball/circle) energy; by accepting it from someone (given pass) and controlling it with a part of what you are (body) thereby giving energy to it, passing it to somebody else or even scoring and thereby elevating your team. The more talent devoted to this act, the more pleasure arises therefrom.

I lack to the words and capability to describe everything involved; but it gave me a sense of life and virility that other activities lack in providing.

Go and play.