There was round table redarding ranking blogs. A beta-list of "top" blogs was also produced, but letīs skip that for now.

Peter Hishberg, chairman of Technorati, makes a very interesting point during the round table. According to him, the middle of the blogosphere (blogs with 20-30 links) is much more conversational, much more topical (i.e. "cooking", "computing", etc..). The actual conversation takes place here, the actual "magic" is in the middle. He suggests that the most interesting stuff in the blogosphere may be there - not in the top blogs.

"Itīs the stuff in the middle that gets really interesting", Peter says. And he goes on to say: "US - Top Blogs are now behaving like mainstream media".

Also: linking behaviour. The Top100 blogs now link much more to large media sites than in the past. They used to be much more self-referential and tended to link to each other.

I think that this is a very important point. So, how are you going to find the good stuff in the end ? Tough one, isnīt it ? This discussion suggest that you may be better off not looking at the top.

Some other interesting points on the side:
Johnny makes interesting points and asks how you can NOT be part of the ranking. Plus, Technorati misses out on a lot of the buzz by missing out on forums and mails. And,he rather uses Google than Technorati to find stuff.

And the best of it all:
Jens says to all the companies and PR agencies which are worried about people speaking up (which they have done ever since, only now everybody can hear it): donīt worry about influencing here and there. BUILD GOOD PRODUCTS !

īnuff said.