After having launched yesterday, we happened to see a documentary on German TV regarding blogging in Persia, especially on Iran. The program was to be seen on Kulturzeit and is still available for online reading on this link (German only).

The number of internet users has grown up to 5 Mio in Iran, with Blogs reaching approximately 100.000 in number. However, some of the bloggers there have already been arrested and other bloggers seem to be in jeopardy.

Masserat Amir Ebrahimi is a social scientist who has analyzed the impact of blogs in Iran and states:

There are young men who have never had direct contact to young women and vice versa. Through blogs, they learn the perception of the different gender. This helps to overcome barriers. It strenghtens the mutual understanding as well as the ability to tolerate things."

A female blogger (is there a term for this actually ?) from Iran goes on to say the following:

"The first time I saw a blog at a colleagues´ place it was very interesting for me. I came to see which possibilities existed between the writer and the reader on a blog. With time it showed that it can be a personal diary that structures ones´ life". "There´s more democracy in the internet than in real life" she claims.

"Nobody asks you whether you are a woman or a man. Therefore, it is much easier to express oneself as a woman, since there are also a lot of men out there who want to read about what women have to say."

Interesting developments, are they not ? How many Bloggers are blogging in Persian in Berlin ? Anybody know ?