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  • 1 week is one week old and we´re quite happy with the last couple of days. Thinks are going well and there seems to be a lot of open land in front of us.

    I would hereby already like to thank all those active bloggers for their enthusiastic feedback. We are listening and actively responding to it, thereby already applying some of it. Thank you very much.

    Ok, that´s it for now, back to adding features :-))

    Feedback is welcome !

  • Suppressed Science

    I just found a pretty heavy duty blog: Suppressed science.

    It claims that there is a phenomena in modern science that prevents knowledge from establishing itself. Pretty tall order. But maybe not too far fetched. It´s worth a read...

  • Six Apart invite Berlin bloggers

    Loic and Heiko invite the German blogosphere to get together on February 10th in Berlin. Should be interesting !

    You can sign up here and join the fun...

  • last thursday

    Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to meet up with some good old internet buddies at the Münzsalon in Berlin again. Very nice location indeed, we were very comfortable.

    Us being Boris (, Michael (Sternzeit Media), Sven ( and Micha (

    We all run different internet projects and have survived the boom and the bust. Except for Sven, who started booming recently only :-))

    We feel that there are interesting times ahead of us and that we should get together more often. So with FIRST TUESDAY being more or less dead, we are thinking of making LAST THURSDAY - no big website, no stiff speeches, no colored stickers on your suite. Simply easy going and interesting ideas exchange.

    If you´re interested, let us know !

  • Martin Röll

    Just returned from having a little late afternoon chat with Martin Roell, a young but nevertheless very knowledgeable E-Business consultant in my point of view.

    We had a very refreshing conversation about blogs, Germany, business models and the rest of the world. Time flew and I can only re-emphasize again that Martin and his blog are worth your attention. Just one thing: don´t trust the photo on his blog.... :-)

  • Civ IV

    Merry xmas to all strategy game fans ! According to, Civilization 4 will be released at the end of 2005 ! :-) Here´s the article (German).

  • Google unblogged ?

    A Google employee seems to have blogged a little on what is going on internally at Google. Now, as one can read on John Battelle´s blog those posts seem to have been taken off the Google index it appears.

    There is no real knowledge about what is or was going on, it is puzzling though, that the pages with the old posts still seem to be indexed by Yahoo here....
    and here...

  • Persian Blogs

    After having launched yesterday, we happened to see a documentary on German TV regarding blogging in Persia, especially on Iran. The program was to be seen on Kulturzeit and is still available for online reading on this link (German only).

    The number of internet users has grown up to 5 Mio in Iran, with Blogs reaching approximately 100.000 in number. However, some of the bloggers there have already been arrested and other bloggers seem to be in jeopardy.

    Masserat Amir Ebrahimi is a social scientist who has analyzed the impact of blogs in Iran and states:

    There are young men who have never had direct contact to young women and vice versa. Through blogs, they learn the perception of the different gender. This helps to overcome barriers. It strenghtens the mutual understanding as well as the ability to tolerate things."

    A female blogger (is there a term for this actually ?) from Iran goes on to say the following:

    "The first time I saw a blog at a colleagues´ place it was very interesting for me. I came to see which possibilities existed between the writer and the reader on a blog. With time it showed that it can be a personal diary that structures ones´ life". "There´s more democracy in the internet than in real life" she claims.

    "Nobody asks you whether you are a woman or a man. Therefore, it is much easier to express oneself as a woman, since there are also a lot of men out there who want to read about what women have to say."

    Interesting developments, are they not ? How many Bloggers are blogging in Persian in Berlin ? Anybody know ?

  • Absolutely, totally mega-beta

    An exciting day for us. After seriously starting out to equip Germany with a new blogging platform in autumn last year, we finally made it and went online with today ! In fact, we are online a good two hours only.

    Of course we are fixing bugs now like there is no tomorrow. Plus we need to add so many things to it still, there´s a lot of work ahead of us. But we´re happy and to have completed a new step with our project and are glad to be another platform that will enable people to speak out and spread their ideas and thoughts across the globe.

    We will gladly listen to all voices that reach us and give us their comments and criticism regarding our application. She still has a long way to go.

    We are very greatful for all the inspiration and motivation we received from our friends and colleagues, near and far.

    So after our first project (Online Matchmaking Service) that we founded and operated from 1997-2002, we now pick up online ventures again after having travelled the world for some time. You can see some pictures of our WildlifeSail experience that I was lucky enough to share with Florian, JF, Kate and Dani in January and February 2004. I would also like to mention some interesting projects one can join as an volunteer like the Maya Research Program, Coral Reef Protection and a wonderful Elephant conservation project in Thailand, which I can highly recommend.

    Ok, enough for now. Back to those bugs. :-)

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